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Churrascaria Mar. 17th, 2005 @ 12:56 am
Has anyone eaten in Brazil Brazil?
Is it any good?

I love meat. ♥
Don't you? :D
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Salmon, Lobster and Caviar Mar. 15th, 2005 @ 07:21 am
It is still early for me but i am thinking of food! Normally my first meal is around 12 or 2pm. Even when i am up this early.

Lent is coming or is it here already?

Are you serious in eating fish and vegies only or you just continue eating juicy steaks and whole chickens? Are you going to live on those tiny fried (hard) small fish you buy in sealed plastic from the supermarket, just because it is Lent, because of the Bible or you just want to loose weight.....?!

Or are you going to take it a step further and live on rice and soy sauce for a while....

Makati Shangri-la Circles Midnight Buffet Mar. 5th, 2005 @ 12:24 am
Friday and Saturday nights, Circles has a midnight buffet. From the regular P1099 dinner buffet (with a free gold bracelet! haha, no, just kidding) to the P699 per person midnight buffet, it is, if you don't die from bangungot, a steal.

Let's start with what's removed from the regular buffet:
1. Carving
2. Risotto
3. Japanese sushi stuff, and the oysters, prawns and crab
4. Chinese roast stuff
5. Roti

But it's still good. They had a delicious hamburger steak, the dessert section was still full blast. The appetizer section was good, with delicious goose liver (I think) pate with raspberry sauce and mango fruit bits. The bread was bad though. I tasted old.

There was still a main buffet section, an asian station, dessert, appetizer station. It's a bit manageable though, you don't feel like you're never going to be able to sample everything. They still cook you pasta if you want. No grilled items though. And hey, there's still the chocolate fondue!
Only four tables were occupied, no more than 15 people that night were enjoying the buffet. Oh, and we only had soup for dinner so we could still eat, and I worked until 4AM on some terminal 3 stuff when I got home so I don't die from indigestion.

P699 per person without the crowds. Enjoy! No need to make reservations, they don't accept reservations anyway, just walk-ins.
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Visite España! Feb. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:35 pm
hola amigas y amigos! :D

any of you might be interested to visit the 2nd Spanish Products and Services Expo anytime between the 24th and 27th of February (10AM to 8PM) in the Megatrade Hall 1.

you might also be interested to participate or view any of the following activities:

♦ Tapa and Tortilla/Sangria Contest
♦ Seminar on Wine Sensory Evaluation and Regional Wine Appreciation
♦ Introduction to Spanish Language Classes offered by Institutio Cervantes
♦ Flamenco Performances
♦ Talk on Cava Appreciation
♦ Fashion Show
♦ Film Showing by Instituto Cervantes </center>

for more information, you may contact 845.13.24 or 759.66.80

Visit and Explore anything Spanish that you can imagine and see the best that Spain has to offer!

restaurants I'm trying soon Feb. 16th, 2005 @ 02:17 pm
Hi guys! Happy new year, happy valentine's, everyone!

I've made a list of places I'm (finally finally) planning to check out in the next few weeks - any recommendations on what to eat/feedback?

1. Cello - pianobar/resto on Jupiter

2. Market Garden Cafe - Hyatt Casino Hotel, Mabini cor. Padre Faura (entrance also on M.H. Del Pilar, NOT the HYATT on Roxas Blvd. (of former Al Fresco/Tempura Misono fame); their buffet is supposed to give Circles a run fo r their money;

3. Ziggurat - Sunette Hotel, off P. Burgos, Makati Avenue area; an upscale version of New Bombay?

4. Vietnam Amthu'c - Panay Avenue, Q.C.; run by Vietnamese. Hope it's as good as Saigon Best, which I really miss now.

5. Embassy - yeah, I know it's more a bar than a resto, but it's still Fern Aracama we're talking about.

Now, if you're in the Morato/ABS-CBN in the area, you might want to take note:

1. Bibingcrepe - T. Morato Extension, near the old Burgoo and Brew-Huh, across Popular Bookstore

Very fluffy, very filling, very good bibingka, with sandwich "fillings" like chocolate, cheese...I can't recall the rest. I died eating the chocolate bibingcrepe. It's baked to rise really high; very chewy and fragrant with vanilla. Three people can eat one crepe. Prices are P70-85 or so. Service is slow, however because they make it on the spot. They also don't issue official receipts (boo :P) Worth going back if you're not in a hurry. Good cheap date place.
(thanks, elisabetramsey!)

2. Uno Restaurant - Morato cor. Scout Fuentebella, right behind Little Asia

Still my most favorite restaurant area; my neighborhood bakery, in fact, for their focaccia, pagnotta (P40-45), croissants and ricotta danishes (P22 the latter two. Totally fresh even after thawing from the freezer. You can also order their very nice baked cheesecake (P480), or their flourless choc cake.
What I DO NOT eat there is their pre-cooked pasta - It's the only letdown in Uno. Have coffee there for a change. It's super quiet. Smoking upstairs on the balcony allowed.

3. Wheatberry - Scout Tuazon cor. Roces Avenue; you can also access it from Scout Castor from Morato

I am not too thrilled with their bread, but their trained chefs whipped up a VERY nice Pork Camembert dish - the sauce was made of camembert, cream, and a tinge of mustard, I think. Plus, they serve Lavazza coffee. If you don't like it there, you can run to Greens veggie restaurant right across it.

Also now open: Marina (on Timog), Grappa's (Morato, another branch), Brothers Burger (which I will never eat again)
Other entries
» Auguste Escoffier
Last Friday i had dinner at Peoples Palace in Malate. Eaten there many times but this time surely the food was the best! The tamarin sauce that came with the squid and lechon kawali to die for! the lamb curry right up to spice! and my all time favorite thai dish; chicken & cashew nuts was just great! It was food orgasm time, big time!

Yesterday i took my uncle to Imbis Stube, Greenhills. I wrote about it here before, raving about the place and food, well that has all changed. There use to be a european guy standing behind the bar, drinking beer and smoking cigs. Cheered up its customers with funny german songs.....but then yesterday it was all chinese people in there, the place dark, strange music and the crew was watching the news on tv. The schnitzel was egg battered to death, half the potatoes were overcooked the other soggy, came with sweet mayonnaise, (a true sign of local ownership) After about 45 minutes and a couple of beers later we got "entertained" by a filipino singing john denver in a german restaurant with chinese people,.....and 4 mice! We HAD to go! Told the waitress about the mice but she didn't show she cared.....of we went around the corner to Cafe Isabel for some last drinks debating how long Imbis Stube will stay open..........about 3 months was our guess

Todays lunch we are off to Circles!

My 5 year study in culinary school in Holland was based on Escoffier, Belgian, french, german, austrian schools and many more in europe are all teaching it the Escoffier way.

Find out who is this most famous french chef ......

» Lunch
Yesterday i had lunch in a korean restaurant called Dami at the Fort.
We were the first customers at 12 noon. The Fort was empty as in really empty. At Donuts Gonuts was no line, one guy and three nuns were sitting inside.
i could see a hand full of people on the second floor at Slimmers trying to loose Last years gained fat.

So we ordered;
Galbi (sizzling beef), Pajion (squid cake or something) pork bbq and some noodles with leek salad.
When i ordered my drink and it arrived "warm" with a glass of ice at the site i told chuvaness that this is a bad sign. When drinks are not cold the food is never good.
There was a big fly buzzing around....i want to keep this entry short....it was not good at all, i hate to spend money for food i didn't like. P 500 a head for this?! I was still hungry when we left. (chuvaness liked the beef though)
Two more tables came in and i was thinking good luck to you.
Chuvaness was saying that places like these need customer feedback cards on the table because the place will close in a few months and the owner has no clue why.....

Please don't eat here!

C2 restaurant
Level 6, Shangri-la Mall

Todays lunch was much much better, all four of us really liked it and we are all from the food industry. not the easiest people to please if it comes to food.
We had lechon kawali, Boneless chicken inasal, laing, crispy squid, adobo rice & alige rice. It was the perfect order for 4 people.
The lechon was nice and crispy and so was the squid. The boneless chicken Inasal was really nice. The right spices and salt used in these three dishes. Nice presentation and bench seating. I love bench seating, it just draws me to a restaurant.
The laing was too salty and it needed some more coconut cream. The adobo rice was quite ok but we all agreed that the alige rice was the winner. All in all a nice place with good food and good prices, we paid P 1100 for 4 people.

Please eat here!
» Boracay
quick rundown of some of the places i went to with my family to eat in boracay

caribo: must taste is the beef tamarind which is essentially sinigang. this sinigang howevers got the most delicious tangy soup and is oh so yummy. generous portions of veggies.recommended for those into sinigang. my dad had the beef tamarind i however got the Chicken jerky. the chicken jerky is like cajun chicken served with this sweet white sauce and okra salad.i like the chicken jerky better but the beef tamarind is a must taste

cocomanga's pizza: they claim to be the best pizza in town.the pizza's "cheesiness" is good but i think Aria serves better-tasting pizza.the crust of aria's is much more flavorful

true food: we ordered the curry dishes which i think were not really topnotch.i say indian foods better in Aum.

seawind:new year's eve dinner buffet was ok.filet mignon,prawn thermidore, paella, turkey, steak.on normal nights, seawind serves a sort of grill buffet.you choose from chicken/ pork barbecue, blue marlin, prawns, which costs about 450....which is to me not bad since i eat a lot..as in a lot bwahaha

in kalibo--check out this huge cafe called Latte which is a really really nice place to have coffee.the cheese cakes they serve are good--chocolate cake topped with cheesecake. the prices are very affordable.its located near the kalibo airport, you wont miss it.

May you all have a Blessed new year, lots of good food now and FOREVER!!!


your restoraters moderater Create_shortcut

Here some food i made for customers. I sell roast chickens, lamb leg, roast beef, US beef belly and more delicious Home cooked food from my house.
If you're interested let me know and i can fax you a menu.

Leg of lamb, this will be our New Year dinner. With mint jelly and alige pasta with chicharon! Great & yummy but deadly!

Ever heard of Plaid sandwiches?
Eaten there?

They have a small outlet in Podium, and somewhere else. I tried them ones, nothing special. I forgot that the place existed until last week when a friend of chuvannes told me about the quality, sogginess of the sandwiches and all. But what stuck to me up to now is how much the friend of the friend of chuvanness and some other people paid for Plaid! (still following me)

The "creator of Plaid" sold the store to these people, saying it was a copy after London's popular sandwich bars. Doing very well, truly european and bla bla bla.
The creator was willing to drop his prize by 3/4 so these people thought they got this best deal ever.
I won't tell you how much they paid but i'll tell you this, it is worth only 10% of the amount. That is 10% of the 1/4th ha)

Advice; if you are not from the industry you better check with people who are first before you make your move.......

Advice2; eating in Pepato (again) tonight (sorry it is again not in my power to eat somewhere else) but what to order this time?
I heard they had a shipment of white truffles coming in, i'll try them, anything else new?
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